Lough Derg

Lough Derg

OPEN SEASON: March 15th  – September 30th

Lough Derg is a large lake of over 30 kilometres in length and is regarded as a mixed fishery. Lake brown trout indigenous to Lough Derg are well distributed throughout the lake.

While the season opens in March, the height of the angling year is undoubtedly during the Mayfly season. Fish feed ferociously on mayfly and are in prime condition as they leave the lake on their migratory journey up river to their spawning grounds on the Little Brosna/Camcor rivers and other tributaries on the system. Artificial local patterns of the Greenfly and the Spent Gnat Mayfly are fished dry on 6lb line during the Mayfly season which commences in mid April and runs to the end of May Another popular method is to Dapp the live Mayfly itself or a Golden Olive fished wet to represent the emerging mayfly.

Trolling Rapala’s is practiced early in the year with some success. Some very large fish can be caught.